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This blog is dedcated to my journey in the study and better understanding of what it takes to become an architect in the modern job field. I would like to journey through the steps of being a high school student to being a college student to even being in the field. My Mentor for this project is my High School AutoCAD teacher Mr Dave Johnson.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greek Blog #5






All languages are based on Greek words existing in thousands of modern languages. Like in my Big Fat Greek Wedding the dad could show any words relation to Greek words. Democracy Athens was one of the first places to use democracy as a common tool and way to run society is awesome because we use a lot of that in our modern day societies. Philosophy most modern philosophical currents are based either on Plato or Aristotle two very important Greek men. The olympics are an ancient Greek game started around 500 b.c. and have been played for centuries. These games were started in Olympia which is a beautiful place in Greece. Mythology is a great entertainment now a days there is movies made about it and different books and readings all studying this ancient religion

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