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This blog is dedcated to my journey in the study and better understanding of what it takes to become an architect in the modern job field. I would like to journey through the steps of being a high school student to being a college student to even being in the field. My Mentor for this project is my High School AutoCAD teacher Mr Dave Johnson.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In Spartan life it was a lot rougher than in most cultures in general including that of the Greeks. In Sparta they were taught to be warriors and not much else. In Greece life was a lot more common a lot easier going that the life that was led in Sparta. The Greeks were dealing with culture and food and education where as the Spartans were simply military and different type of battle. The Greeks were a lot more accepting of weakness than the Spartans were often if babies were born with certain illnesses they were left to die off.

I would have much rather of wanted to live in the Greek society than in the society of the other religions The Greeks were much more in-depth in religion and culture. They're ability to bring regions together is something to be marveled at and they're culture is much more interesting in general. The food is better olives, Greek veggies and such. Plus blue is simply a much better color on me than whatever the Spartans wear red i believe. Oh and the women really had no sort of respect for them in Sparta vs. in Greece.


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