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Friday, February 18, 2011

Laws that should be used TODAY (POST 6)

14.) If anyone steals the minor son of another, he shall be put to death.
This law would work because kidnapping is a serious issue if someone chooses to give up their child that’s one thing. But having the life you created taken away from you without your consent is a tragedy. Kidnapping is something no one should ever even consider or attempt

122.) If any one give another silver, gold, or anything else to keep, he shall show everything to some witness, draw up a contract, and then hand it over for safe keeping.  
This law would work because than people wouldn’t be able to steal as much and be able to call people fraud and other things. There would be proof and documentation about people belongs.

154.)  If a man be guilty of incest with his daughter, he shall be driven from the place (exiled). 
This law would work because that’s just weird you should never have any sort of relationship like that with a family member.. EVER. That’s just not cool. So the people who are willing to do kind of thing that fine do it away from here

152.)   If after the woman had entered the man's house, both contracted a debt, both must pay the merchant.
This law would work because than when you’re married it’s like everything that’s mine is yours so if you have debt that it’s not just your response ability to pay its back. If the debt is developed while they are together than it's their own dang fault so they both should have to pay it
197.)  If he break another man's bone, his bone shall be broken.
This law would work because it’s do onto others as you want done onto yourself. So if you hurt someone bam you get hurt. If you get mad and punch someone in the face bam you get punched in the face. Fair is fair.

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