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This blog is dedcated to my journey in the study and better understanding of what it takes to become an architect in the modern job field. I would like to journey through the steps of being a high school student to being a college student to even being in the field. My Mentor for this project is my High School AutoCAD teacher Mr Dave Johnson.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Indtroduction to Me...

what are you interested in?
Greece and Italy, Basketball, Clothes, Shoes, Nail polish...

What are your hobbies/extra curricular activities?
REBEL, National Art Honor, GSA, Drafting, TSA....

What makes you unique?
Umm i guess my beliefs and morals

Why did you take this class?
To learn more about Greek History

What about the Ancient Civilizations intrigues you.
I went to Greece and Italy and the  entire trip was fasinating to i wanted to learn more

Name 3 things you hope to get out of this class.
More information of Greece
More information on Roman history
Actually have a class with Campbell as the the teacher

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