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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hammurabi Code for Northern HS POST 7

If you are disrespectful to a teacher you lose your parking privileges or lunch rights

Teachers are allowed to slap students when they are out of control

If you fight with someone physically on school grounds you will lose an ear

When you steal someone else’s belongings than you must return it and pay the worth of the object

If you bully, than you will lose two toes

If you play pranks on people in the hallway than you will have dirt thrown in your eyes

If you are rude to another student than you most give them your shoes.

If you bring in weapons than the weapon will be used on your dominate foot

Underclassmen must give upperclassmen they’re seats on the bus

If you dress slutty than you will have to wear a black trash bag for the rest of the month

We would have gladitator matches to settle disputes if both parties are willing to agree to the match

If males are rude to girls based upon a vote of non-peers they will be punished with rocks being thrown at them

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